I became interested in photography over thirty years ago, receiving my first camera at the age of 12.  Lately, I have been working with digital images of natural scenes.  I use photography to capture the beauty of the world around me and to show people the details that are often overlooked.

As a young woman I carried a camera with me everywhere.  I started by taking pictures of my family and of landscapes as I traveled around the Unites States and Europe.  As an undergraduate student, I turned more toward Drawing, painting and printmaking.  After completing my undergraduate degree, I went into art education, first working as a high school art teacher and then moving to the elementary level to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. During this time I used painting and drawing as an outlet.  I often use my photographs as inspiration for my paintings and drawings.

My Short Biography

stacy geryk, visual artist

Educational Background

I came full circle during my time as a grad student at Elms College in Chicopee, MA.  I rekindled my love for printmaking and painting through courses I took for my degree and was given the opportunity to do an independent study in digital photography, a medium that I had taught at the high school level.  I experimented with Photoshop, finding new ways to enhance and change my photos which elevated them to a higher level.  I found new ways to utilize my photographs.  I didn't have to use them as a means to an end; I found that they were worthy as works of art on their own. 

Along with my photography, I continue to paint, using both watercolors and oils and to draw with pastels.  I have a lot of experience with portraiture and landscapes, but my love is to enlarge the tiny details of flowers that are often overlooked, thereby transforming my vision from concepts and ideas into reality through a variety of media, form and color.

A native of the Philadelphia, PA area, I now reside in Holyoke, MA and maintain my art studio in the Cottage Street Studios in Easthampton, MA.


Chicopee, Massachusetts

Master of Arts in Liberal Arts with a concentration in fine art, 2005


New Britain, Connecticut

State of Connecticut Teacher Certification, Art Education Pre K-12 (042), 1998


West Hartford, Connecticut

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, 1996


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate Studies in Fashion Design, 1991-1995

Study Abroad-The American College in London, 1993